February 2009 WSCA Meeting

Wonders of the Skagit Valley

Skagit Valley College “The Skagit River Ranch is located on the beautiful Skagit River, where eagles roost in winter, and salmon return every summer. Our commitment is to farm in harmony with this environment. We believe that by being good stewards of the land and using sustainable, organic, humane methods, Mother Nature will bless us back with healthy, clean food – a gift we are honored to share with you. The work is demanding, but we love taking part in strengthening the link between the land, sustainable farming practices, and our customers. As certified organic producers, we don’t use antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones or animal by-products. We grow a variety of grasses, legumes and herbs to provide our animals with a balance of natural nutrients essential for maintaining good health.” Chef Hahn and his students at Skagit Valley Community College were incredible hosts on February 9. Local producers of beef, ice cream, wine and beverages educated us during the social hour. Prior to dinner George & Eiko Vojkovich of Skagit River Ranch talked about sustainable farming practices and how they affect our health – We are what we eat! We dined on 100% grass-fed short ribs. The beef was tender and full of natural flavor; their years of hard work certainly showed up on our dinner plates… Challenger Ridge provided wine, Whidbey Island Ice Cream and Northwest Agriculture Business Center added to the ingredients of the meal. Delicious.


Skagit Wild Mushroom Bisque Tomato & Haricot Vert Salad Skagit Grassfed Beef Short Ribs Skagit Winter Vegetables Skagit Corn Grits Valley Tart Trio