June 2010 WSCA Meeting

Pacific Northwest Themed Meeting

Location: Tulalip Casino

Networking – Appetizers & Dinner

Our June meeting was held at Tulalip Casino. I must say they treated us like royalty; Executive Chef Perry Mascitti and his staff put on a show. We had tray-passed appetizers by the indoor pool, and also enjoyed the Smoked Salmon Sate, Beef Tenderloin TaTaki, Gorgonzola Bruschetta and Black Cod Fish and Chips.

We then moved into the dining room and thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. The smoked salmon & crab tower was perfect, the Wild green cucumber Bouquet Vase was a work of art, and the braized lamb shank with the Huckleberry Demi glace was fork tender and delicious. The dessert was a Hazelnut Linzer with chocolate cream and sour cherry jam, man that was fantastic!

Chef Perry, thank you again for being such a gracious host; all of our members will remember this extraordinary dinner.

WSCA Tray Passed Appetizers

Smoked Salmon Sate   
Cream cheese Dill Caper Sauce

Beef Tenderloin TaTaki   
Kiware, Shio, Chive

Gorgonzola Bruscetta  

Black cod Fish and chips  
Dill Tartar sauce 

WSCA Dinner Menu

Tulalip Resort Casino

Smoked Salmon & Crab Tower
Corn Horseradish sauce, Blueberry coulis, Watercress

Wild Green Cucumber Bouquet Vase
Enoki mushrooms, Oregon Bleu Cheese, Citrus vinaigrette

Tangerine and Rhubarb Sorbet

Braised lamb Shank in Fillo
Huckleberry Demi Glace
Morel Mushroom & Goat Cheese Polenta
Butternut squash

Sweet Ending

Hazelnut Linzer
Chocolate Cream, and Sour Cherry Jam