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August 8, 2009

Plated Entry

WSCA Competition Results – August 8, 2009

13 culinarians competed in the WSCA August 8 competition held at Seattle Kitchen Academy in Tukwila.  Judges were our new western regional vice-president, Bill Franklin from Denver, Richard Burr and Doug Fisher.   Over several hours artistic and tasty creations were presented for their approval.

Results are below.

Special thanks to Dan Lewark,  John Fisher and Gene Fritz for their hard work in putting together this great event.

Competitor                                       Category                  Medal

Sheena Nault                                        C-1                       Bronze

Charity Schimpf                                    C-4                       Certificate

Lisa Phillips                                           K-1                      Certificate

Emily Wallace                                       K-1                       Gold

Jeff Duncan                                          K-1                        Bronze

Kyle Campisi                                         K-1                        Silver

Vipula Wijekoon                                   K-9                        Bronze

Evan Kim                                               K-9                        Bronze

Sarah Palmer                                        G                            Silver

Verin Keokitvan                                    P-2                         Gold

Wendy Lei                                             P-2                         Gold

Mark Election                                       K-1                          Bronze

Kampaena                                            K-5                          Bronze