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Taste the Work of Tomorrow’s Chefs

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April 16, 2012, 6pm – 8:30pm, Renton Technical College
Renton, WA…..Up and coming chefs who are a part of the Washington State Chefs Association’s apprenticeship program will be offering proof of their culinary skills at the first-ever “Bite of Apprenticeship” program on April 16, from  6:00 to 8:30 p.m.  Families, foodies and those who like to taste an assortment of great food are welcome.

The event will be held in the impressive culinary campus area of Renton Technical College, where the apprentices have been training.  Cost is just $25 for adults, $25 for chef members and $15 for students to sample an array of dishes prepared by the chefs-in-training.  Offerings will include: Ahi Tuna Tacos, Pesto Prawn Flatbread, BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders, Chicken Pesto Panini, Quinoa Salad, Parmesan Wrapped Dates and much more.

This unique sampling event is an inexpensive way to enjoy delicious menu items painstakingly prepared by future chefs, and also to visit the culinary campus of one of the many excellent chef training programs in the Seattle area.

In addition to presentations by apprentices currently working in restaurants, including Joey’s, Earl’s, the Columbia Tower, No Junk – Good Food and Bon Appétit catering, there will be items from apprentices still in training and presentations from the Renton Technical College and Lake Washington Technical College chef/students.

The three year apprenticeship program is designed for those currently working in the foodservice industry who want to significantly advance their culinary skills.  Most of the apprentices are sponsored by the restaurant in which they work.  Apprentices spend nearly 145 hours each year in classroom programs at Renton and, at the end of the program, receive the prized certification from the American Culinary Federation, a national professional chef’s organization.

The Washington State Chefs Association is a part of the American Culinary Federation.  The 220 plus chefs in the Washington group represent restaurants, catering, country clubs, chef-educators, healthcare, schools, college and universities, specialty food products and many more.

Contact: Chef Jeff Duncan, 206 910-2274,  OR Dee Munson, The Food Professionals, (206) 463-5677,



Washington State Chefs – Feeding the Multitudes

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Seattle, WA… March 22, 2012.    Everyone knows about the celebrity chefs – the ones who have their own high-end restaurants, or TV shows, or cookbooks, or line of pots and pans.  But there are countless chefs , feeding thousands of people day in and day out, and training the chefs of tomorrow, who are focused on food, not fame.

These unsung chefs are the ones creating meals for restaurants, cafeterias and lunchrooms in businesses, healthcare facilities and schools, sandwich shops, food trucks and more.  And they are also the chef-educators at Washington’s 11 American Culinary Federation certified post-secondary culinary programs, which turn out almost one hundred kitchen- ready chefs each year.

The Washington State Chefs Association, the local branch of the American Culinary Foundation, provides its members with forums, regular updates on foods and cooking techniques, and  important networking opportunities for its 220 members all across the state.

The American Culinary Federation (ACF) is the national professional chefs organization that oversees certification of chef training programs, as well as offering 14 certification designations each requiring specific qualifications based on educational and work experience.  Just a few of these designations are:

Certified Culinarian® (CC®): An entry level culinarian within a commercial foodservice operation  responsible for preparing and cooking sauces, cold food, fish, soups and stocks, meats, vegetables, eggs and other food items.

Certified Sous Chef™ (CSC™): A chef who supervises a shift or station(s) in a foodservice operation. Equivalent job titles are sous chef, banquet chef, garde manger, first cook, a.m. sous chef and p.m. sous chef.

Certified Chef de Cuisine® (CCC®): A chef who is the supervisor in charge of food production in a foodservice operation. This could be a single unit of a multi-unit operation or a free-standing operation. He or she is in essence the chef of the operation with the final decision-making power as it relates to culinary operations.

Certified Executive Chef® (CEC®): A chef who is the department head usually responsible for all culinary units in a restaurant, hotel, club, hospital or foodservice establishment, or the owner of a foodservice operation. In addition to culinary responsibilities, other duties include budget preparation, payroll, maintenance, controlling food costs and maintaining financial and inventory records.

Certified Master Chef® (CMC®): The consummate chef. A CMC® possesses the highest degree of professional culinary knowledge, skill and mastery of cooking techniques. A separate application is required, in addition to successfully completing an eight-day testing process judged by peers. Certification as a CEC® or CEPC® is a prerequisite.

The Washington State Chefs Association currently has 220 members, 77 of them CEC®s or CMC®s

Contact: Chef Jeff Duncan, 206 910-2274,  OR Dee Munson, The Food Professionals, (206) 463-5677,