The national convention was held in Orlando, Florida the first week in August and there were lots of high points and a couple that were not as high as we wanted. Our knowledge bowl team unfortunately did not win. They did a great job getting to the nationals and I would like to thank Janet and her team for representing our region and chapter at nationals.

The Hermann G. Rusch award went to Hans Schadler this year. The completion was tough for this award. Thank you Gary for taking this all the way to nationals as well. JJ Meland was awarded a presidents medallion at the convention. Congratulations Chef on a well-deserved honor.

Three of us from our chapter were inducted into the AAC at a ceremony and dinner on August 1st. The day culminated with a nine course meal at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Orlando. Chef Dan Lewark CEC, AAC, CCA, chef Michael Baldwin CEC, AAC, CCE and myself chef Tony Parker CEC, AAC, ACE are the newest members of the honor society of the ACF. I know that it was exciting and humbling to be there and be sworn in as fellows.