Our History

The American Culinary Federation (ACF) was founded in 1929. The ACF promoted the beginning of culinary communities of distinguished American Chefs Clubs. These ACF chapters provided their member's invaluable professional resources for their culinary development. The ACF mission was to make a positive difference in the development of culinarians through the community, education, apprenticeship, and certification.

Did you know that until 1974 the culinary field was classified as "Domestics" under the US Department of Labor's Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Thank you to Louis Szthmary and a 3-year fight with fellow ACF members the title of Executive Chef was moved to Category 1 - Professional, Technical and Managerial Occupations. Click here to read the story of what these ACF members did to elevate your status. 

The Washington State Chefs Association, which has been in existence since approximately 1923, has developed a rich history of accomplishment.

Our chapter was first developed in 1923 as the Seattle Culinary Association to further Culinary Arts through education and events. In 1949, the Association became known as the Pacific Northwest Chef de Cuisine Association (PNCA). Finally, in 1970 the association became the Washington State Chefs Association (WSCA).


Your Chapter Board of Directors and Trustees have recently completed this set of By Law revisions. Revisions are needed from time to time to bring By Laws into alignment. Please review the new bylaws and vote by e-mail(instructions below).

ACF WSCA Bylaws w/ 2011 Revisions

As you read the proposal:

Wording in Red – is wording to be deleted.

Wording in Green – is new wording to be added. 

As you will see as you review, in our last revision there was much language that was taken directly from ACF National By Laws and really has no purpose being in our Chapter By Laws so it will be in red. Also there currently is conflicting information in our By Laws regarding Associate Members. This has been cleaned up and consolidated in Article III, Section 2f. The rest are just minor revisions, correctly stating the Chapters name, removing duplications and more clearly defining Trustees’ roles.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these please feel free to contact:
Mark Linden at mlinden@parkshore.org

We need 2/3rds of Culinarians, Professional Culinarians, and eligible Senior Professional Culinarians to vote to approve the bylaw revisions.

Cast your vote to Mark Linden by e-mail-mlinden@parkshore.org -In your email, please include your member name, and your vote (Yes for approval and No for no change to bylaws).

Some of the Associations biggest accomplishments include:

  • Governors Inaugural Ball since 1992
  • Host for the Regional ACF Conference in 1997 and 2009
  • Published Foodbank Challenge Cookbook and distributed to local food banks.
  • 1994 ACF Western Chapter of the Year.
  • Raised funds for various charities and foundations. Initiated The Chef and Child Foundation now a national ACF program.
  • 2009 First Annual Washington Restaurant Association Foundation and Washington State Chefs Association "Golf For Scholarships"
  • 2009 Established Washington State Chefs Association Foundation to promote the educational and charitable causes.
The success of the WSCA is due to the commitment of volunteers under the leadership of the chapter president.

Chapter Presidents

2018-Brandon LaVeille
2014-2017 Tony Parker
2013 - Mark Linden
2009-2012 - Gary Fuller
2008 - Brian Date
2006-2007 - Chris Plemmons
2005 - Greg Werry
2004 - Robert G. Suelzle
2002-2003 - Pete Herold
2000-2001 - Michael Higgins
1999 - Dan Thiesen
1997-1998 - Michael Higgins
1996 - John Fisher
1994-1995 - Charles Chiamulera
1992-1993 - Walter Bronowitz
1990-1991 - John Melchoir
1998-1989 - Walter Bronowitz
1986-1987 - Evelyn Enslow
1984-1985 - Dave Madayag
1982-1983 - Roger Batura
1980-1981 - Darrell Anderson
1979 - Michel DeVille
1978 - Robert Laws
1975-1977 - Jim Douglas
1972-1974 - Marcel Forster
1970-1971 - Darrell Anderson
1968-1969 - Otto Denkinger
1966-1967 - Marcel Forster
1964-1965 - Claude Sedenquist
1962-1963 - Ernie Ruesten
1961 - Otto Denkinger
1959-1960 - Oliver Hanson
1957-1958 - Edward Jasper
1955-1956 - Richard O'neill
1953-1954 - Hubert J. Eickman
1951-1952 - Hans Kirschner
1949-1950 - Paul F. Muellet


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