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Position:(Consultant) General Manager/Chef – [TBA] Cafe Startup – Port Orchard, WA
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Please send job opening, resume or classified ad information to webmaster@washingtonstatechefs.com.


Please send job opening or resume information to webmaster@washingtonstatechefs.com and then click the button below to pay. Please be sure to include a note in the comments section of your payment so we can match the payment to the submission. The $25 fee includes one submission from one company for one ad, but it can have multiple culinary arts jobs listed within that company.


If you are looking for an employee for a Culinary Arts position, please view the member resumes below.

Jeff Freele – Resume – Looking for Executive Chef position in or near Washington state.

Tracey Stephenson – Resume

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Christophe Durliat – Resume

Joe Marchel – Resume

Amber Abernathy – Resume

Dimitri Kaldi – Resume

David Beavers – Resume
-Looking for a position as a commissary cook, garden manger, pantry cook or prep cook.

Kegan Rummel – Resume

Lawrence R. O’Sullivan CEC, CCA, AAC – ResumeAccomplishments

James M. Smiljanich – ResumeReferences

Stephanie Robertson – Resume

Warren Mah – Resume

James Reichstadt – ResumeCover Letter

Shoshana Kaiman (Pastry) – Resume

Lawrence O’Sullivan – ResumeCareer Accomplishments

Eryn Emken – Cover LetterCV

Nancy Beauchamp – Resume

J. Michael Lowry – Cover LetterResume

Steven L. Kilts, MBA, CEC, CEPC, CCE – Cover LetterResumeReferences

Mark Schoenthaler, Executive Chef – Resume

James Pierce, Certified Culinarian – Resume

If you are seeking a position in a culinary arts profession and would like to submit your resume here for review by potential employers, please e-mail us.