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With thousands of chefs competing in the job market, it is important to set yourself apart. Certifications are open to chefs, cooks, bakers, culinary educators, and administrators. The ACF offers 14 different certification designations. Many corporations require certification for key positions.

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General Certification Information

Practical Exam Guide

Renton Technical College ACF Test Dates
Saturday, Jan. 27th, 2018
Saturday, March 3th, 2018
Saturday, September 29th, 2018

All are at RTC from 7am to 2pm.

Renton Technical College
3000 NE 4th St.
Renton, WA.  98056-4123
425-235-2352 ext. 2437

Process for testing candidates:

  1. Complete Candidate application form and mail to ACF with $50.
  2. Send copy of application form and two separate checks in the amount of $25 to Renton Tech College (facility use) and $50 to WSCA education fund.
  3. Mail checks to:
    Renton Tech College
    CO John Fisher
    3000 NE 4th Street
    Renton, WA 98056

Contact our local certification representative for more details:
John Fisher – Renton Technical College